The paradox is undeniable. Sexuality is used and abused to sell everything from hamburgers to cars.  Because almost all people are bombarded by it from early childhood, one would guess everyone knows how it all works. Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth. Fallacies about sexuality abound. Just like the teenage girl who gives oral sex to her boyfriend hoping to get love in return, way too many Christian women have wrong answers to basic questions.


As tough of a pill as that is to swallow, nothing matches the devastation caused by the misconceptions we have concerning God and sexuality. Instead of searching the heart of the One who created sex for understanding about His perfect design, we have cut Him out the equation. All we have left are a bent and broken set of rules we think He wants us to follow. This misdirection causes heartache.


These pages contain all you need to know about sexuality and the true stories of real women, both single and married, just like you. Women who have fallen into the deception both the world and the church have packaged for them and have, after discovering God’s truth, found the freedom they were so desperately seeking.