Never Stop Learning

We had the privilege of giving a conference to some pastoral couples we knew one time. The day was exciting for us. We really enjoy our conversations with these friends and we often meet with them. They themselves use and spread the concepts that we teach. One of the wives, well advanced in her ministry, almost twice more years in ministry than my own, came to chat with me and said, “Tonight, I just understood something I had never realized before. It's great! I really like the feeling of 'newness' when God speaks."

The heart of this magnificent woman was always open to discover the new things that God had for her, no matter her age.

Putting yourself in a position of constant learning is an excellent attitude of the heart. When our hearts are always ready to learn, we leave the field open to the Lord to surprise us, take us further, and allow us to grow.

Have you noticed that when you read a verse that you know by heart, the Holy Spirit emphasizes a new aspect of these familiar passages? This is one of the great secrets of the Word of God: it is alive and active! It interacts with our heart, responding to our most secret, innermost thoughts.

This is why we encourage you to cultivate this feeling of “newness” by reading, for example, different versions or translations of the Bible. Choose an edition that particularly challenges you and pushes you to your limits. You will see that these verses, that you can recite by heart in your favorite Bible, will take on a whole new level.

Ask the Lord to lead you on a treasure hunt, if you will, and look for teachings from different people around a certain topic. Dig into your Bible by searching for hidden treasures in this specific theme. Discuss with God about your discoveries. Talk about it with your spouse. Perhaps the Lord has also revealed to him/her a piece of the puzzle you are putting together?

Never stop learning - in all areas of your life! Always learning new things is one of the secrets to happiness, especially if you practice it as a couple.

Rachel Miquel Dufour

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