Bring Him Who You Are

“Lord, I only have my heart to give you!”
“That's all I want from you!”

Have you seen this touching image on social networks of a child who presents his heart to God?

This image makes me think of the story of the multiplication of the loaves and the fishes which we find in the four Gospels. You can read the story in Mark 6:33-44.

If the boy had listened to the questions and fears that were undoubtedly jostling in his heart, the miracle would not have happened through him. “What I have is not enough. Who I am is not enough. This is useless. Someone much better than me will take care of it. It is not for me. What a pride in my heart to think that God could use me…”

Have you ever seen these poisoned sentences looping in your heart, creating discomfort, sadness, frustrations? The purpose of this poison is to paralyze you and make you hate who you are.

Set yourself aside a few moments to think about what these destructive feelings imply, in a disguised way: would God have been mistaken in creating you? Is your life really worth living? Death and destruction are at the end of this road, the far opposite of God's plan for your life!

Yes, who you are is enough because it is God who created you.
Yes, who you are is enough because God is never wrong.
Yes, who you are is enough because Christ paid with His blood to wash away the weight of your sins.
Yes, who you are is enough because God wants to forgive even the worst of your mistakes.
Yes, who you are is enough because God has a plan for your life, and He has the best in store for you.

Yes, bring him who you are and what you have and marvel at the miracles that God will accomplish through your life!

Rachel Miquel Dufour

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