A Culture of Thankfulness

The holiday celebrations at the end of year are the perfect opportunity to create new traditions in families. We all come from different backgrounds, different worlds, and different traditions. The passing year also changes our context and sometimes our situation. How do you approach these celebrations? Are your traditions based on the culture of thankfulness?

Gifts, good food and stories about the family being reunited are great ways to express thankfulness.

Gifts can be, for example, accompanied by a note to the recipient to express the gratitude of the giver. They are a way to express that you are thankful for who they are, for what they do and to express that you are grateful to have them in your life!

Meals can be planned so that everyone feels honored and recognized in the family. With the Dufour family, this gives an opportunity to have a variety of dishes: snails, oysters, sticky rice, Lap Crao Chi (a Laotian dish) cheeses, dried fruits, clementines and of course, chocolates of all kinds. We make sure that all the guests gathered around the family meal find what they want on the menu.

You can foster conversations that are shared memories and that honor each family member and/or circle of friends. Take the time to give everyone a voice so that no one feels invisible or left out. Share your dreams, talk about your faith, talk about God, in a simple and lively way. You can create memories and traditions that you can relive year after year.

If family members are too far away to have a meal together, make sure to take advantage of the technology that enables video conferencing. We often "eat together" with all our children, whether on a screen with their plate on the other side of the world, or sitting at our table.

Sing together, dance together, celebrate together… every minute is precious and this will leave unforgettable memories.

Take advantage of the people you love and express gratitude in your hearts for each other. Establish a culture of thankfulness to keep your eyes on The One to whom we owe everything!

Eric and Rachel DUFOUR

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