About the Book

"Hurray for the Va-Jay-Jay" is a celebration of womanhood. It is both simple and easy to read. Remember, a journey into a woman’s sexuality lasts throughout her entire lifetime.

This book is the first in a series of three. My goal in "Hurray for the Va-Jay-Jay" is to change the worldview of women regarding their own sexuality and bodies. Whether they come from a permissive or puritanical background, I want my readers to receive or solidify a strong foundation of understanding the beauty of being a woman. Single or married, you are a sexual being. Women will be able to shout, “Hurray! I am a woman! Hurray for the va-jay-jay!”

Why This Book?

Why did I write this book? I felt pregnant with those words for too long. We must not be fooled. God is the author of sexuality, not Satan. We must take back what he stole from us. Let’s bring normalcy back to what God intended. There is true beauty in what God is thinking when it comes to sexuality. We must reinstate sexuality as being first spiritual, then emotional, then physical, and above all, beautiful! 

What she thinks about the book…


"Wow! This book is simply amazing, so pertinent and without any taboos. Admirably written, with such passion and transparency, Rachel masterfully uncovers the importance of having beautiful, blooming sexual identity. What transcends from every page is God’s incredible love for His daughters, how beautiful and precious they are, and how sex is a gift God has given us.

Her opening chapter is rich. The lesson learned is deep and emotional due to the intimacy of the topic. You will find simple and practical keys to blossom both in your everyday life and in your sex life. I encourage every reader to open their heart, their spirit, and let God move you in a meaningful way. I believe with all my heart that reading this book will be a catalyst for your emotional and spiritual growth. 

It’s a privilege and an honor to write this review. There are few women of Rachel’s caliber. An honest woman of conviction, a woman of action and of compassion. She has worked in this field for many years but she is, above all, my precious friend. The quality, accuracy, and depth of her teachings are appreciated as much in the French-speaking world as in the English-speaking world. What I find most inspiring in her is her love for God and everyone she meets. Rachel is first and foremost an extraordinary woman of God. 

It is with all my heart that I recommend this book, which will be a source of restoration, consolation, and most importantly, liberation! This book is filled with hope, encouragement, and love. 

I have no doubt you’ll be changed after reading it. Enjoy!" 

Stéphanie Reader, Ph.D.,

Public speaker

Head of Women’s Ministries at the Nouvelle Vie de Longueuil Church(Québec) 

Head of the Women’s Ministries branch of the Association of French Christians

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