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My Family

I have been married to Eric V. Dufour since 1991. We are the happy parents of Nathan (92), married to Marie; Ruben (93); Dan (94), married to Madison; Adam (97), married to Madeline; and Elie (99). 

My Mission

I passionately believe in healthy individuals, marriages, and families.


My Story

In 1991, my family and I began a church-planting ministry in France, as well as a ministry focused on women in distress and men addicted to drugs.


Five years later, we became pastors and had the joy of serving in two lovely French churches—one in Troyes and one in Chaumont.


In 2000, my husband and I took our five young sons and left the safety of our home country to answer the Great Commission’s call to a communist country in southeast Asia.  

While there, Eric battled a deadly cancer and subsequently struggled with depression.


Serving God on the mission field and in the midst of these challenges was very difficult, but He used our painful journey to shape our future ministry.

In 2008, our family moved to Colorado, USA. Eric and I began offering comprehensive marriage counseling to pastors and missionaries from all over the globe.


Our ministry, Serving Alongside Ministry, helps singles and married couples alike. To learn more about SAM, please visit our website: 


In 2016, I graduated from the B.L.A.S.T mentoring program started by Shannon Ethridge, the bestselling author of 22 books. I am currently working on my Doctorate of Ministry in Counseling at Vision International University in Ramona, California.

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